Does a Wart Stick or Wart Remover Sticks in general, actually even Work?


Can they Cure Warts or are they another Scam?


Wart Sticks products


Today I will Review Wart Sticks and also, the 3 major brands of Wart Sticks…


“Terrasil Wart Removal Stick”


“Wart Off”


and “Wart Stick 40 Salicylic Acid”  or just plain old “Wart Stick”  by Pedifix


I will answer questions and concerns of my readers who are  Wart Victims and potentially going to buy a Wart Removal Product like a Wart Stick.


Some questions that I will answer are:


  • Do Wart Sticks Work at Removing Warts, Are they a Scam?
  • How many Wart Stick Brands are there?
  • Where can I buy Wart Sticks at, Amazon, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens?
  • What are the Directions for Wart Sticks, How do I use Wart Sticks?
  • What are the Ingredients that are used in Wart Sticks?
  • Is there any Warnings or Side Effects of Wart Sticks?
  • What are Wart Sticks and How do they Work?
  • Do Previous Customers like or dislike them, What are their Opinions/Reviews?
  • How long before they are effective in curing my Warts?
  • What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Wart Removal Sticks?



What are Wart Sticks and How do Wart Sticks Work?




Wart Stick



Wart Sticks are basically like chap stick (Lip Balm)….



They contain Ingredients that are known to cure Warts…



Wart Sticks are made into a stick full of Wart Curing Ingredients and it’s very similar in look and feel, to Chap Stick (Lip Balm)!



Why or How do Wart Sticks Work in Curing Warts???



Wart Sticks are rubbed onto the affected areas of the skin where a person’s Warts are Located…



Then you just let the wart medicine do it’s thing and sit there…. Just like chap stick would set on your lips while it helps to treat your chapped lips.



The great thing about Wart Sticks is that they are very easy to use, not painful, not messy, and they aren’t expensive…



So, that brings me to my next point….  Let’s go ahead and talk about the Pro’s and Con’s of Wart Sticks (Good and the Bad)!




Pro’s and Con’s of Using Wart Sticks vs. Other Wart Removal Products



Pedifix Wart Remover Stick Wart Stick Available at Amazon



Pro’s of Using Wart Removal Sticks:


  • Easy to Use
  • More Comfort than Other Wart Removal Options
  • Not Expensive
  • Isn’t Messy
  • Painless
  • No Odor
  • Doesn’t Scar
  • Effective
  • Doctor Recommended



Con’s of Using Wart Removal Sticks:


  • Doesn’t Cure the Virus that Causes Warts (HPV, Human Papillomavirus Infection)
  • No Prevention of Warts Returning
  • Also Doesn’t Prevent Warts from Spreading
  • Very Strong in Salicylic Acid Content and some May have Side Effects or Allergic Reactions to Wart Sticks



Are Wart Sticks Effective (Do they even Work or are they a Scam)?




Are Wart Sticks a Scam




Yes, Wart Sticks are HIGHLY effective… and I’m not just saying that!



Further down in this Review, I will show some Real Customer Testimonies and Reviews but for now…



Let me explain Why Wart Sticks are Effective and not a scam real quick…



Wart Sticks aren’t Scams for a few reasons….



  • They Contain FDA Approved Ingredients that have been Clinically Tested and Proven to Cure Warts
  • Vast Majority of Customers who have tried Wart Sticks, give extremely positive and successful reviews/testimonies
  • Wart Sticks are the #1 Highest Rated Wart Removal Products on Amazon and Also very Highly Rated on Google



You may still be skeptical and that’s fine, but just keep reading and wait until we get to the Customer Reviews…




What’s the Ingredients in Wart Sticks that make them Effective at Curing Warts?



Terrasil Ingredients Infographic



Typical Wart Stick Products use Ingredients like these:


  • 40% Salicylic Acid (Active Ingredient)
  • Castor Oil (Inactive Ingredient)
  • Chlorobutanol in Waxy Base (Inactive Ingredient)
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Cera Alba (Organic Beeswax)
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Peppermint Oil 
  • Silver Oxide
  • Simmondsia Chinensis
  • Zinc Oxide




With Ingredients like that, Are Wart Sticks Dangerous? Are there Side Effects and Warnings?



Of course there are warnings and side effects… EVERY Medical Product has those…



But don’t worry cause they aren’t that many and they aren’t that bad….



Terrasil Wart Remover Stick Details



Here are the Side Effects of a typical Wart Remover Stick:



The majority of Customer Reviews Never seem to Report any Side Effects but they are still possible



Common and Not Severe Side Effects:



  • Stinging on Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Slight Skin Irritation
  • Itching or Itchiness



Rare and Severe Side Effects (Seek a Medical Professional’s Attention):



  • Burn
  • Feeling Faint
  • Feeling Of Throat Tightness
  • Fluid Accumulation Around The Eye
  • Hives
  • Hypersensitivity Drug Reaction
  • Life Threatening Allergic Reaction
  • Puffy Face From Water Retention
  • Shallow Skin Ulcer
  • Skin Ulcer
  • Throat Swelling
  • Trouble Breathing



If you have any of the above, rare side effects, after using a Wart Stick Remover…. Then seek Medical Attention Immediately.




Warnings of Wart Sticks:



Wart Stick Warnings and Directions



Here are the Warnings of Wart Sticks:


  • Do Not use if Pregnant or Breast Feeding
  • If Allergic to Salicylic Acid or Other Ingredients then Do Not Use
  • Seek Medical Attention if Rare or Severe Side Effects Occur
  • Don’t Share with Others, it might transfer the Virus that Causes Warts
  • Keep out of Reach of Children
  • This product is life threatening if consumed



How do I use Wart Remover Sticks? (Directions)



  1.  Wash Affected Areas of Skin where Warts are Located
  2.  Dry Affected Areas
  3.  Apply Wart Stick to Warts
  4.  Cover with a Clean Bandage
  5.  Repeat Process daily as needed



So as you can see…. Wart Remover Sticks are sooooo easy to use!



How long do Wart Sticks take to Cure Warts?



Warts Cured Fast by Wart Sticks




With the top 3 major brands of Wart Sticks… 



Most people see results anywhere between 2 Days to 2 Weeks.



So expect your Warts to be cured within 2 Weeks at Most!




Where can I Buy Wart Sticks?




Wart Sticks can be Bought in the Following Places:





Terrasil Wart Removal Stick and Wart Stick by Pedifix are the two biggest brands…



They are the ones you’ll most likely see in stores and online!



But WAIT, Which Store is the Best to Buy Wart Sticks from? Wart Sticks at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or Amazon???



The truth is Amazon… Because it has the best overall deal.



Walgreens and CVS are total rip offs, they over price this product WAY TOO MUCH!



CVS Price of Wart Stick



Why go to CVS and Pay $14 plus tax, or shipping and handling if you buy it from their Store when Amazon has a Much Lower Price?



Walgreens Price of Wart Stick



Walgreens is better than CVS but still not the BEST Deal that you can get…



Walmart Price of Wart Stick



Between Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart…



Wart Sticks are definitely the cheapest and best overall deal at Walmart but Amazon STILL BEATS THEM ALL!



Amazon Price of Wart Stick



With Amazon, You can get Fast, Free Shipping and Even get a Discount if you have an Amazon Prime account…



Or you can select One Day Shipping and for a small fee, you can have the order shipped to your home within 1 day… 



And Between Terrasil and Pedifix, I recommend Wart Stick”  by Pedifix the most (Shhh… it’s our little secret)



Wart Stick




How many Brands of Wart Stick are There?



Wart Removal Stick by Terrasil




In the Images below, you will see the 3 Biggest Brands of Wart Sticks and in the Order that I recommend them most…



The Brands are Pedifix, Terrasil, and Wart Off!



Also, if you wish to purchase the item on Amazon then you can Click the images and be redirected to their Amazon page…



You can check these product’s Prices and Reviews on Amazon too!



(NOTE: Only Terrasil and Wart Stick are Available Right Now)




#1.  Wart Stick by Pedifix


Pedifix Wart Remover Stick Wart Stick Available at Amazon







#2.  Terrasil Wart Removal Stick


Terrasil Wart Removal Stick







#3.  Wart Off Wart Stick


Wart Off Wart Stick Review






What are Previous Customers of Each Brand Saying/Reviewing?




Here are some real Customer Reviews of Wart Stick by Pedifix



Wart Stick by Pedifix is thee highest rated Wart Stick Brand!




Wart Stick by Pedifix Customer Reviews from Amazon

Wart Stick by Pedifix Customer Reviews from Amazon 2



Here are some Terrasil Wart Removal Stick, Customer Reviews!



The Second highest rated Wart Stick Remover on the Market….




Terrasil Wart Remover Stick Wart Product Customer Reviews from Amazon

Terrasil Wart Remover Stick Wart Product Customer Reviews from Amazon 2



Conclusion: Wart Sticks are Effective at Curing Warts Fast



Before and After Warts Pictures



Many satisfied customers are enjoying their Wart-Free Lives after using the Top Brands of Wart Sticks…



To be honest, For only about $10… I don’t blame them. I’d be extremely happy too and would definitely at least TRY the Product…



Cause you do get a Money Back Guarantee, plus, $10 isn’t that much money to spend…



If you have been following my blog for some time now then you’ll know that I was actually cured by Wartrol for my Warts….



Wartrol Reviews



But if I hadn’t of found Wartrol, these Wart Sticks would’ve been next in line for sure because they are very highly rated. 



My main concern is that they are not permanent cures like Wartrol is…



What if my Warts Return after using Wart Sticks?



Warts Keep Returning and Spreading Help Me



if your Warts do return after using Wart Sticks then I recommend returning to my blog and reading my review on other Wart Products or maybe try some all natural home remedies for Warts…



I hate and do not recommend Wart Removal Surgery at all…



Wart Surgery doesn’t prevent the spread or return of Warts because they simply just cut the Warts out which also leaves scars on your skin.



When you cut out Warts, you are only removing the Wart itself and not the Virus that causes Warts, this is why I recommend Wart Removal Products the most because….



Human Papillomarvirus HPV causes Warts




Surgery and All Natural Home Remedies DO NOT Cure the Virus that causes Warts, which means they’ll continue to return and spread until the Virus is treated in you…



Here are my Most Recommend Product Reviews from my Blog:



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Thanks for Reading my Review of Wart Sticks. Hope I helped, Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about the review or if you’ve tried Wart Sticks for yourself!

Dan Kooper

Wart Removal Expert

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